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What This Is All About, Part 1 : The FIRE Quest

Three months into the new decade and this blog; the winter season technically behind our backs and spring ready to bloom, despite a pandemic that’s keeping us all inside our homes—it is high time for me to describe what this place on the interwebs is all about.

Part 1 : The FIRE Quest

Around a year and a half ago I began getting serious about my money: I had some savings and I wanted to put them to work for me. I googled my way exploring the subject of personal finance, soon to encounter the FIRE movement.

The extremely cool acronym stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early” and, in essence, it means: live and learn to handle your money until you’re wealthy enough not to have to work any longer.

This is my own succinct take and every FIRE pursuer has their own rightful view on the definition. Endless conversations exist about the FIRE philosophy and, in fact, I will likely want to weigh in with my own perspective at some point. Right now, I am still a beginner in this world with everything to learn.

Well beyond the common appeal of “being rich”, the notion of financial independence is obviously enticing.

It didn’t take much time before I took my first baby steps on the road. Started to do the work, joined the community, followed blogs… writing my own blog was but the natural next milestone. So here we are.

2020 is my third year on a journey that is helping me reflect on several aspects of my life, my behavior and my relationship with money. So I would like to explore these insights here, and through them take the opportunity to learn more as I go along.

In fact, I have a few other topics besides “money” that I would like to touch here—but I do not want to rush. Let them emerge with time.

Over to you

Did you know about the FIRE movement? Would you like to know more? What is your relationship with money?

Sources and Resources

Google is my friend even as I write about my own personal wheres and whys. Here to you a few links that may be of interest: